Songs by Richard Garnaut -
aka Boofhead - the Cairns Lagoon Busker©

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Welcome To "Our Lodge"

Boofhead's simple songs which empower
Australia's most vulnerable
to turn tables on
& melt hearts of most powerful with their stories!


Lucy & Malcolm CDs©
Welcome To "Our Lodge" free mp3 downloads

1 Bubs Addicted To Pokie Ding Dings In Womb 6:08 – mp3

2 Throw All Children Overboard Now 4:05 – mp3

3 5 No Child Has A Right To Breakfast 2:02 – mp3

4 Lord I'm Sorry For Playin Pokies Today1:54 – mp3

5 My Father Married A Pokie Machine 2:33 – mp3

6 Casino Fraud Sends Business Broke 6:00 – mp3

7 If Children Had Access To Bombs 2:07 – mp3

Sponsorship – all of these free downloads are sponsored
by Richard Garnaut – Boofhead – Cairns Lagoon Busker©

8 Where Do Homeless Make Love At Night 4:53 – mp3

9 Can You Imagine A Life Without Privacy 2:14 – mp3

10 There's A Bed Shower & Food In Watch House 1:41 – mp3

11 Evil MPs Belong In Jail 7:52 – mp3

12 No Spreadsheet MPs Are Child Abusers 8:07 – mp3

13 Tony Fungs Aquis Casino Greed 9:07 – mp3

14 My Sovereign Kids Shall Never Be Slaves 7:14 – mp3

15 Enforce Your Sovereign Land Title Rights 12:20 – mp3

Above songs all based on over 100 million true stories worldwide -
so any similarity to any you know is co-incidence & unavoidable.
Eg. “Throw All Children Overboard” is based on stories that
would occur worldwide thousands of times a year.

For Richard Garnaut all publishing enquiries
email - website

Richard's Put Family Before Pokies Campaign©

This is a no-brainer public education campaign.
Runs from 1
st November – Feast of All Saints -
th February – St Valentines Day each year (since 2011)

Sole goal is the remind pokie playing parents to put their
children before pokies in lead up to and during
Christmas period and school holidays.

Put family before pokies 2015 – sponsored by
Richard Garnaut – Boofhead – Cairns Lagoon Busker©

Richard's Do You Enjoy Drinking
Good Coffee Campaign
a Mental Health First Aid Course Campaign

another no-brainer public education campaign.

It's so simple.

A family member, workmate, friend, team mate, neighbour,
bar buddy develops a mental health issue or attempts
or commits suicide – what's the smartest thing to do?

Surely it's for every spouse, partner, family member, work mate,
team mate, over 18 that is close to them to spend ~$65
and do a mental health first aid course! Surely!!!!

It's not rocket science! Just do it!

If your son or daughter develops mental health issues...

It's not rocket science! Just do it!

If you are a doctor, or mental health professional,
or a school principal or teacher, and you are trying
to help parents deal with a child with mental health
issues – surely on your checklist of things to mention
to parents is to do a course???? Surely????

It's not rocket science! Just do it!

Surely if you are an undertaker or funeral director
dealing with a bereaved family... suicide... surely
it's on your checklist of suggestions of what you
would like said at funeral to all those who say
stuff like... “...if only we had known... could have
done something...”

Well sorry!!!! Don't want to upset you!!!
But you could have done a mental health first aid
course and have observed the signs... have asked
them if they are okay... etc (as I have done since 1993)
and prevented their suicide!

It's not rocket science! Just do it!

I was talking to a mental health care professional
recently... and I gave them something which had
the following 45 seconds thought-time artwork
promoting mental health first aid courses.

She was visibly shocked! Why?

Because the health provider she is part of
which receives multi-billions of dollars of
funding every year has not even thought about
promoting mental health first aid courses when
dealing with families of clients with issues.

Hey! I'm just an unemployable truck-driver and
busker. What would I know??

It's not rocket science! Just do it!

About Cairns Lagoon busker Richard Garnaut

Generally find Richard on Esplanade boardwalk path
between Bellview & Night Markets 4 or 5 nights a week
starting between 5pm – 6.30pm.

successful local rock n roll career in Cairns area until 1980

retired from playing music (bass player)

established Cairns Production & Recording Studio ~1980

1993 became a suicide prevention support person
(Mental Health First Aid Certificate)

1996 – co-designer of Cairns Lagoon CBD precinct -
boardwalks & bikeways etc – part of a small group
of locals that submitted ideas & lobbied for it to be built
(Qld Minister Hon Naomi Wilson secured funding) -
Link to small portion of Richard's Esplanade submissions

Richard is currently “unemployable” due to a backlash
of local business owners wanting to pay him back
regarding his successful advocacy in sticking up
for the poor, homeless, single parents & small business

His current income has to be derived from busking

Currently recording my first unplugged buskers
Debut Album live at Cairns Lagoon –
marks beginning of my belated artistic journey -
Richard Garnaut's family historical significance &
spiritual attachment to The Cairns Lagoon – pdf
For Richard Garnaut all publishing enquiries – email - website

Some of my early busking soundfiles

  1. After The Thrill Is Gone – Eagles -
    Don Henley and Glenn Frey penned this song
    for the One of These Nights

  2. Already Gone – Eagles - written by
    Jack Tempchin & Robert Strandlund - mp3

  3. Annie's Song – John Denver - mp3

  4. Bananas In Pyjamas – written by Carey Blyton
    in 1967 – ABC TV Play School – mp3

  5. Beds Are Burning – Midnight Oil - performed
    live in front of a world audience of billions
    2000 Sydney Olympics closing ceremony -
    wearing black T-Shirts with the word “Sorry” -
    leading to Australia's Prime Minister saying
    sorry to Australia's Aboriginals in 2008 -
    why I love playing this when busking at Lagoon -
    - Peter Garrett (vocals),
    Jim Moginie (guitar), Peter Gifford (bass),
    Rob Hirst (drums), Martin Rotsey (guitar)

  6. Better Be Home Soon – Crowded House -
    written by Neil Finn– mp3

  7. Blackbird – written by Paul McCartney -
    credited to Lennon-McCartney from
    White Album – mp3

  8. Brandy You're On Fire Girl – Looking Glass -
    composed by Elliot Lurie - mp3

  9. California Dreaming – Mammas & the Papas –
    written by John Phillips and Michelle Phillips -

  10. Dreams – Fleetwood Mac – Rumours Album
    written by Stevie Nicks – mp3

  11. Elenore Rigby – Beatles – Revolver Album –
    written by John Lennon – Paul McCartney -
    the Zoot version - mp3

  12. Fire And Rain – James Taylor -
    Sweet Baby James Album - mp3

  13. Girls On The Avenue – Richard Clapton - mp3

  14. Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac –
    Rumours Album –
    written by Lindsey Buckingham – mp3

  15. Great Southern Land Icehouse -
    written by Iva Davies – also featured in
    in the 1988 Yahoo Serious film
    Young Einsteinmp3

  16. Hotel California – Eagles – written by
    Don Felder, Glenn Frey and Don Henley –
    song is about materialism and excess - mp3

  17. I Wanna Love Ya – Bob Marley – mp3

  18. Isn't She Lovely - Stevie Wonder -
    Songs in the Key of Life album -
    celebrates birth of his daughter Aisha - mp3

  19. Light My Fire – The Doors – written by
    guitarist Robby Krieger – credited to
    entire band – mp3

  20. Losing My Religion – R.E.M. - written by
    Bill Berry, Peter Buck, Mike Mills, and
    Michael Stipe – song meaning is to do with
    having a crush on something or being obsessed
    or besotted – and where that often leads - mp3

  21. Lying Eyes – Eagles – written by
    Don Henley and Glenn Frey - mp3

  22. Morning Of My Life – Bee Gees -
    written by Barry Gibb – mp3

  23. Mr Bojangles – written by Jerry Jeff Walker -
    recorded by Jerry Jeff Walker, Harry Nilsson,
    Neil Diamond, John Denver, Harry Belafonte,
    Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Val Doonican, Lulu,
    Nancy Wilson, Sammy Davis Jnr,
    Robbie Williams, etc

  24. My Guitar Gently Weeps – Beatles -
    White Album – written by George Harrison

  25. Never Can Say Goodbye – written by Clifton Davis –
    recorded by Jackson Five , Gloria Gaynor,
    Issac Hayes, James Brown,
    Michael Jackson to mention a few – mp3

  26. New Kid In Town – Eagles – Hotel California
    Album – written by Don Henley, Glenn Frey
    and J.D. Souther - mp3

  27. Norwegian Wood – Beatles – Rubber Soul
    Album - written by John Lennon –
    Paul McCartney - mp3

  28. Only 19 – Redgum – Caught In The Act Album
    – written by John Schuman– mp3

  29. Piano Man – Billy Joel – mp3

  30. Pinball Wizard – The Who – written by
    Pete Townshend - from Tommy Album - mp3

  31. Sandman – America – written by
    Dewey Bunnell – mp3

  32. Shilo – Neil Diamond – mp3

  33. Solid Rock – Goanna – Spirit of Place Album –
    written by Shane Howard - was written after a
    moving experience at an inma at Uluru in 1981 –
    Shane trying to make sense of the story of a
    ‘whitefella’ in an Aboriginal country – mp3

  34. Solitary Man – Neil Diamond – mp3

  35. Streets Of London - Ralph McTell -
    Spiral Staircase Album – mp3

  36. Submarine Ver La Mer – Yellow Submarine -
    Beatles – Lennon-McCartney -
    a wonderful group of French girls asked me
    to something in French - happens – mp3

  37. Sultins Of Swing - Dire Straits – written by
    Mark Knopfler – mp3

  38. Summer Breeze - Seals and Crofts – mp3

  39. Summertime - from "Porgy and Bess"
    by George Gershwin – mp3

  40. Sunny - Bobby Hebb - mp3

  41. Taking It Easy – Eagles – written by
    Jackson Browne & Glenn Frey – mp3

  42. Tears Go By – Rolling Stones – written by
    Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Rolling
    Stones' manager Andrew Loog Oldham – mp3

  43. The Two Of Us – written by Bill Withers – mp3

  44. Time of Your Life – Green Day -
    written by Billie Joe Armstrong – mp3

  45. Times They Are a-Changing – Bob Dylan -
    from Times They Are a-Changing Album - mp3

  46. To Love Somebody Bee Gees – co-written by
    Robin & Barry Gibb – mp3

  47. Ventura Highway - America – written by
    Dewey Bunnell – mp3

  48. Viva La Vida – Coldplay – written by Christopher Anthony John Martin,
    Guy Rupert Berryman, William Champion, Jonathan Mark Buckland -
    “...I used to rule the world...” mp3

  49. Your Song – Elton John Bernie Taupin – mp3

  50. You've Got A Friend – Carole King -
    from amazing Tapestry Album mp3

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Ain't No Mountain High Enough — Diana Ross

And the Beat Goes On — The Whispers

Copacabana — Barry Manilow

Dance the Night Away — Carol Williams

Disco Inferno — Players Association

Disco Inferno — the Trammps

Do You Think I'm Sexy — Rod Stewart

Fame — Grace Jones

Fantasy — Bruni Pagan

Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel — Tavares

I Love the Nightlife — Alicia Bridges

In the Name of Love — Thompson Twins

Let's Groove — Earth Wind and Fire

Love Is In the Air — John Paul Young

More Than A Woman — Bee Gees

Never Can Say Goodbye — Gloria Gaynor

Night Fever — Bee Gees

Oh What A Night — Giorgio Moroder

Rock the Boat — Hues Corporation

Shake Your Booty — K.C. & the Sunshine Band

Together In Electric Dreams — Giorgio Moroder & Philip Oakey

Y.M.C.A. — Village People

You Should Be Dancing — Bee Gees

Your Sweetness is My Weakness — Barry White