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- Monsignor John Lennon Requiem
- Monsignor Maurice Walsh Requiem
- Fr John Flynn Requiem
- Fr Len Bibo Requiem
- Fr Pat Jones Requiem
- Fr Peter Vandeleur Requiem
- Diocese of Cairns Memorials
- Sisters of Mercy Cairns Memorials
- Laurie & Agnes Garnaut Memorial
- Weekly Sunday Mass Webcast audio prayer
streaming library wma

for elderly, sick, dying to pray along with & your loved ones in a coma

  1. Catholic Daily Mass Online 24/7 l Readings l Prayers

  2. Catholic Online Adoration 24/7 (live webcam + prayer words)

  3. Weekly Papal Audience & Blessing l RealPlayer free download l

  1. Act of Contrition l

  2. Angelus l

  3. Joyful Scripture Rosary - generally prayed Mon & Sat ~25 mins

  4. Sorrowful Scripture Rosary - generally prayed Tues & Fri

  5. Glorious Scripture Rosarygenerally prayed Wed & Sun

  6. Luminous Scripture Rosary - generally prayed Thurs

  7. Rosary Introduction Prayer / Novena l l

  8. Divine Mercy + Litany 25 mins

  9. Stations of the Cross - Way of the Cross – St Francis Assisi l l

  10. Morning Prayers l from Cursillo Pilgrim's Guide

  11. Night Prayers l l from Cursillo Pilgrim's Guide

-Suicide Prevention- Hymns by founder

  1. Suicide Prevention Anthem - God Alone is Enough l

  2. Why God Did You Make Me? l

  3. Thankyou God For Making Me Special l

  4. Ave Special Mary (explains God's role for Mary) l

  5. Self-Confidence Prayers – Sirach 4:20-31 l

  6. The Forgiveness Prayer l l(an important healing prayer)

  1. Cairns Bishop James Foley Homilies l

  2. Cardinal George Pell informal talk to Sydney Uni Students re what Catholics believe l

  3. Is Jesus Calling You To Make A Cursillo? l

  4. Cairns Cursillistas meet world Cursillo leader Juan Ruiz -

  5. Homilies by Archbishop Francis Caroll, Fr Adrian Farrelly & Fr Ulrich - at the 19th Asia Pacific Cursillo Encounter in Sydney in 2006 l

webcasts -More Favourite Catholic Prayers

  1. Reconcilation - Examination of Conscience 17 mins

  2. The Forgiveness Prayer l l

  3. Marriage Prayers l l l

  4. St Bridget's Prayers – Pieta – 20 mins

  5. Ave Maris Stellagenerally sung after St Bridget Prayers

  6. St Gertrude Prayer/Litany of Poor Souls in Purgatory l-
    St Gertrude Prayer - dictated by Our Lord
    to release 1,000 souls from purgatory every time it is said
    l ref:

  7. Stations of the CrossEWTN 33 mins – permission pending l

    1. Vocations - Is Jesus calling you to be an apostle? 15 min

-webcasts -Approved Catholic Public Litanies

  1. Litany of Sacred Heart of Jesus l Intro to Litanies l

  2. Litany of Most Precious Blood of Jesus l

  3. Litany of Loreto – the Blessed Virgin Mary l

  4. Litany of St Joseph l

  5. Litany of Saints l

-webcasts -Approved Catholic Private Litanies

  1. Litany of The Holy Name of Jesus l Intro to Litanies l

  2. Litany of Christ the King l

  3. Litany of the Passion l

  4. Litany of the Holy Ghost l

  5. Litany of the Holy Spirit l

  6. Litany of the Holy Angels l

  7. Litany of the Poor Souls in Purgatory l

A-Z Catholic Prayer Webcasts -

  1. A Father's Prayer l

  2. Abandonment W l

  3. Abandonment St Francis De Sales l

  4. Abandonment St Jane Frances De Chantel l W l

  5. Act of Contrition l

  6. Act of Faith l

  7. Act of Hope l

  8. Act of Reparation to Immaculate Heart of Mary l l

  9. Act of Spiritual Communion l l

  10. All Guardian Angels Prayer l l

  11. Angelus l

  12. Anima Christi l

  13. As I Am Lord Prayer – Fr Raymond

  14. Ave Maris Stellagenerally sung after St Bridget Prayers

  15. Ave Special Mary – composed by founder l l

  16. All Guardian Angels l

  17. Canticle of Mary l

  18. Canticle of the Sun l

  19. Catholic Parish Benediction l

  20. Chanel of Thy Peace l

  21. Child's Prayer to Immaculate Heart of Mary l

  22. Children's Prayer to Mary l

  23. Come Holy Spirit l

  24. Confirmation Prayer l

  25. Consecration to Mary l

  26. Consecration to Holy Spirit l ll

  27. Consecration to St Joseph l

  28. Consecration of a Sick Person to Mary l

  29. Consecration to St Joseph l l

  30. Daily Consecration to Mary l

  31. Daily Offering ll

  32. Divine Mercy + Litany l 25 mins

  33. Employment lll

  34. Examination of Conscience l

  35. Forgiveness Prayer l

  36. Family Prayer Vigil for very Sick/Dying l 1hr :20mins

  37. Gloria in Excelcus Deo l

  38. Graduation Prayer l

  39. Guardian Angel Prayers l

  40. Hallelujah l

  41. Healing Family Tree Prayer l

  42. Help Against Spiritual Enemies l

  43. Holy Are Your Ways Jesus l

  44. Introduction to Rosary Prayer / Novena l

  45. Intro to Litanies l l

  46. Jesus Teach Me To Pray l

  47. Litany for John the Baptist l

  48. Litany for Priests l

  49. Litany for the Dying l

  50. Litany for the Sick l

  51. Litany in Honour of the Holy Cross l

  52. Litany of Humility l

  53. Litany of Our Lady of Good Counsel l l

  54. Litany of Reparation in Honour of the Blessed Sacrament l

  55. Litany of Sacred Head of Jesus l l

  56. Litany of Souls in Purgatory l l

  57. Litany of St Anthony of Padua l

  58. Litany of St Augustine l

  59. Litany of St Augustine & St Monica l

  60. Litany to St Francis of Assisi l

  61. Litany of St Francis Xavier l

  62. Litany to Our Lady of Fatima l l

  63. Litany to Our Lady of Seven Sorrows l l

  64. Litany to St Jude l

  65. Litany of St Mary Magdalene l

  66. Litany of St Philomena l

  67. Litany of St Teresa of Avila l

  68. Litany of St Therese of the Child Jesus l

  69. Litany to the Infant Jesus l

  1. Marian Movement – Consecration to Immaculate Heart of Mary l

  2. Mary – Our Lady Help of Christians l

  3. Mary – Our Lady Immaculate Prayer l

  4. Mary – Our Lady of All Nations l

  5. Mary – Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament l

  6. Mary – Our Lady of Good Remedy l

  7. Mary – Our Lady of Guadalupe l

  8. Mary – Our Lady of Knock Ireland l

  9. Mary – Our Lady of Lourdes l

  10. Mary – Our Lady of Lourdes – John Paul ll l

  11. Mary – Our Lady of Mount Carmel l

  12. Mary – Our Lady of Perpetual Help l

  13. Mary – Our Lady of Perpetual Help – for the sick l

  14. Mary – Our Lady Protect Our Home & Family l

  15. Mary – Our Lady to the Children of Fatima l

  16. Mary – Parish Priests' Prayer to Mary Most Holy l

  17. Mary – Prayer of Fatima Angel to Children l

  18. Medjugorje – Consecration to Immaculate Heart of Mary

  19. Morning Prayer of St Therese l

  20. Morning Prayers l

  21. My Daily Offering l

  22. Night Prayers ll

  23. O My Jesus l

  24. Peace of Heart l

  25. Prayer for Daily Neglects l

  26. Prayer for Employment l l

  27. Prayer for an End to Gossip l

  28. Prayer for Healing l l

  29. Prayer for Military Service l l

  30. Prayer for Perfect Trust l l

  31. Prayer for the Gift of Knowledge l

  32. Prayer for the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit l

  33. Prayer for the Forgotten Ones – in Purgatory l

  34. Prayer for Unborn Child l

  35. Prayer for Vocations l

  36. Prayer in Time of Need l

  37. Prayer in Time of Suffering l

  38. Prayer in Times of Distress l

  39. Prayer of Grandparents l

  40. Prayer of Renewal l

  41. Prayer of Resignation to Divine Will l l

  42. Prayer of Unemployed l

  43. Prayer to All Guardian Angels l

  44. Prayer to Be Generous l

  45. Prayer to Be Said by a Sick Person l

  46. Prayer to Sacred Heart of Jesus l l

  47. Prayer to St Joseph l l

  48. Prayer to Defeat the Work of Satan l

  49. Soul of Christ Santicify Me l l

  50. Spiritual Armour of Prayer l l

  1. St Augustine l l

  2. St Bonaventure l l

  3. St Catherine l

  4. St Celilia l l

  5. St Clare of Assisi l l

  6. St Dymphna – Patron of Mentally Ill l

  7. St Faustina – Prayer Before Eucharist l

  8. St Francis De Sales - Abandonment l

  9. St Francis of Assisi – The Lord's Prayer Paraphrased l

  10. St Francis of Assisi – Peace Prayer l

  11. St Gerard Majella – Motherhood Prayer l

  12. St Gertrude – Prayer for Dying l l

  13. St Isodore – Book of Maximuns – Prayer vs Reading l

  14. St Jane Frances De Chantel - Abandonment l W l

  15. St John Gabriel Perboyne – The Jesus Prayer l

  16. St Joseph - Prayer for the Dying l

  17. St Louis De Montfort - Prayer to Mary l

  18. St Mary Magdalene – Please Intercede for Me l

  19. St Michael – Police Prayer l l

  20. St Monica - Prayer for Lapsed Catholics l

  21. St Peregrine – Prayer for those with Cancer l

  22. St Philomena – Novena Prayer l

  23. St Philomena – Prayer l

  24. St Philomena – the Beloved Prayer l

  25. Thanksgiving After Mass l l

  26. The Eight Beatitudes l

  27. The Crucifixion – Henry Lawson 1904 – famous Australian poet l

  28. The Holy Face l

  29. The Lord is My Shepherd Prayer l

  30. The Six Fatima Prayers l

  31. Visiting Blessed Sacrament Prayer l

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