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4 CD Set of Daily Prayers
Scripture Rosary 2 CD Set
15 Prayers of St Bridget CD
Divine Mercy + Litany CD
Stations of The Cross CD
Morning & Night Prayers CD
Examination of Conscience CD
Marriage Prayers CD
Self-Confidence Prayers CD

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Weekly Sunday Mass webcast from St Monica's Cathedral Cairns
Sisters of Mercy celebrate 120 year Anniversary serving Diocese of Cairns Australia – special Sunday Mass webcast from St Monica's Cathedral 21/09/08 -
Cairns Priest & Religious
Memorials & Anniversary Calendar

Monsignor John Lennon Memorial -
Requiem Mass Fr John Flynn 26/3/2008
Aussie Catholic Prayer Prolife –
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Catholic Parish Benediction - wma download

Catholic Parish Benediction - Exposition of Jesus Christ in the
Most Blessed Sacrament - The Real Presence - Eucharistic Adoration

Any simple Catholic Parish service which includes Exposition of Jesus Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament - “The Real Presence” - “Eucharistic Adoration” - which is generally followed by a Benediction is one of the most wonderful, beautiful & peaceful experiences that any person – Catholic or non-Catholic will have during their life.

This primative recording using a $20 mp3 recorder is easily the mp3pray.com founder's favourite soundfile. Wonderful adult and childhood memories of time spent in Eucharistic Adoration just keep flooding back including: Prayer For Christian Unity, Divine Praises, and St Thomas Aquinas's “Down In Adoration Falling.”

If you have never seen the Blessed Sacrament “exposed” in Eucharistic Adoration or have never attended a Benediction Service, use this link which is a webcam to 24/7 Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration which has been going on continuously in this Chapel since 1916.

Would love to receive your comments on your personal experiences of time spent before the Blessed Sacrament, Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction using this link. Thankyou.

Do you need a good set of Catholic Prayer CDs? Are there times that you can't focus on Prayers? Do your elderly, sick, or near death loved ones need Prayer CDs to pray along with when you are't there? Loved ones in a coma can often hear, enjoy and pray along with Prayer CDs. Even if you can't communicate with them.

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The new St Mary MacKillop 4 CD Set of Daily Prayers.
Prayer CDs available from:

St Monica's Cathedral Bookshop Cairns Australia. Online contacts.
Phone: +61 07 4051 9245.

St Monica's Cathedral Bookshop Cairns Australia.
( +61 07 4051 9245

Photos of all 4 CDs in their specially developed shipping sleeves follow.

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